Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 8 | Issue 1

Researches in IT and Computing—An Overview

P.K. Paul R. Saavedra P.S. Aithal K.S. Tiwary B. Aremu S. Mewada

Abstract :

Information is the root and it is the key for development in today’s context. To handle information properly many subjects have been developed and among these important is Information Technology. However apart from this few other subjects also important viz. Information and Communication Technology, Informatics, Information Science, Information Systems, etc. Due to importance and need, many subjects have been developed and their periphery and scope also rising gradually. Information Science is among these most interdisciplinary and as a result many other forms the Information Science has been developed viz. Health Information Science, Geo Information Science, etc. It is worthy to note that within Information Science IT and Computing gradients are increasing and this is creating a broader version of Information Technology. Naturally, various research areas have also been developed and these are rising gradually with support from other allied subjects. Virtually Information Science has become an important information centric technology focused field and therefore it is the need hour in almost all the sectors and areas. Information Science incorporates IT and Computing as well. Computing is also considered an important field of study and area dedicated to computer related activities and applications. Information Technology whereas worked with the Information and here different technologies played the leading role. The research and development areas therefore increasing in both Computing and Information Technology fields. This paper talks about the basics of Information Technology, Computing including its components and research areas. The paper also highlights the impact of IT and Computing in the research areas of Information Science briefly.

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